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Discreet Bed Bug Removal and Pest Control

Office (614) 961-6130

How we do it.

Bed Bug Treatment Plan

The Initial Intensive Treatment Includes the Following:

  • Vacuum all signs of bed bugs from the infested area. This will remove live bed bugs, and their debris including cast skins, feces, and many eggs. Our vacuums have HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters that filter the exhaust air to an efficiency of more than 99% of particles.
  • High Heat Steam treatment of the seams, creases, tufts, and folds of the mattress and box-spring, headboard, foot-board, bed rails and all furniture within close proximity to bed. We use professional machines that produce a superheated steam.
  • Pull carpeting if any from tack strip in area behind bed and treat. We treat this with steam and dust as necessary.
  • Remove all outlet covers and wall switches around bed area and treat inside with dust or cryronite.
  • Treat headboard, foot-board and bed rails, and all furniture within close proximity to bed.

Discreet high quality bed bug and pest control

We have developed advanced protocols and Integrated Pest Management methodologies to provide the most effective and rapid solutions to getting rid of bed bugs.

The Bed Bug Elimination Guarantee 

Discreet Bed Bug and Pest Control guarantees that we will rid you of bedbugs.

You have zero tolerance for being bitten again at Discreet Bed Bug Removal and Pest Control so do we. You've suffered enough, and relief should be complete and immediate. That is why Discreet Bed Bug Removal and Pest Control has developed a truly effective bed bug elimination program, and we offer a no fuss, no small print guarantee.

As you get estimates from our competitors, ask about their guarantee. You will find that most must return at least three times to treat, and the guarantee language may be unclear, if they give one at all. Sometimes, additional treatments from other companies may come at an additional cost-to you! As any wise consumer, make sure whatever guarantees or assurances made to you verbally are also in a written contract. All pest control operators are not experienced in bedbug treatments. Ask a lot of questions and request references. Stop the nightmare! Discreet Bed Bug and Pest Control can eliminate most bedbug problems in 2 treatments..

Here's what makes our treatment different from the rest:

  • The entire premises is our target. We know that bedbugs and their eggs can be anywhere; therefore, we treat the entire premises.
  • We use a propriety mixture. We've thoroughly researched bedbug treatments and formulated proprietary mixtures for different types of surfaces. What you would use in a baby's room, on a mattress, on furniture, or on carpets differs for obvious reasons.

  • We use a unique and proven process to treat your home. Along with our proprietary mixture Discreet Bed Bug and Pest Control, has refined a unique and proven process to achieve bed bug elimination in one to two treatments. Our technicians have been trained in a systematic, step-by-step process for treating your entire home, so when they leave, there will be no safe place for bedbugs or their eggs to hatch in 10-21 days. Discreet Bed Bug and Pest Control does more than teach the process to our technicians; they are educated in bedbug biology, the effects of various chemicals, and the variable conditions they may encounter in your residence. We allot ample time for technicians to do the job right, keep equipment updated and maintained, and use the most effective materials available. The success of our treatment is a great source of pride for our company and our employees!

*With our Guarantee you will have 6 months from the date of second application. In that 6 month Period if you see any bed bug activity or experience bites we will first come and inspect, and re-treat if necessary. It is a no hassle, no haggle guarantee. Call us in that time frame and we will be there on our next available appointment date that fits your schedule. 

Do you have bed bugs?? This is what to look for.

The result of their bites may also go unnoticed, or can be mistaken for the bites of other pests. All people are not uniformly sensitive to bed bug bites, so while some victims break out in rashes from the bites, other people may not display symptoms. When a reaction does happen, the results can be mild (a simple red spot) to harsh (rash or even hives). The reaction caused by feeding might be mistaken for other problems, like Fleas, mosquitoes and other biting insects. Bed bugs have been discovered to harbor 28 different human pathogens.

Bed bugs usually bunch together in favorable harborage areas. However, some bed bugs will live by themselves, away from the majority of the infestation. The best way to determine if you have an infestation is to look for bed bugs where you sleep (or rest) and where you typically set down luggage (or bags) when you enter the residence.

Look around box springs, mattresses, bed frames, tufts, and buttons on mattresses, furniture, such as desks, behind wall paper, clocks and pictures, and under the edge of carpeting. Infestations can also occur in other rooms, including: bathrooms; living rooms; and laundry rooms. Blood spots on sheets and bedding may indicate bed bug feeding.